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Piezo Ceramic Ring with Silver electrodes on both sides, main application is for Ultrasonic welding.
The piezoelectric ceramic sensor is used for ultrasonic beauty film with a diameter of 16mm, a resonance frequency of Fs 5±7%MHz, and a material of 0.41mm thickness. PZT4 has two electrodes on one side.

Active Piezo Buzzer Lead Wire

Active piezo buzzers are powered through DC voltage and are mostly utilized in alarm devices, security systems, sirens, etc.

The mounting configurations of buzzers include panel mount, wire leads, screw terminals, through hole, spring contact and surface mount. The active piezo buzzer with wire leads is mostly utilized where there is limited space, and the red lead is positive, connecting to the input and the black lead is negative, connecting to ground.

Applications of the buzzer includes communication devices, portable devices, security alarms, household appliances, consumer electronics and etc.

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