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How to maintain active piezo buzzers?

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As a kind of electronic buzzer, the main energy of active piezo buzzer is provided by direct current. There are many types of buzzers, which can be classified according to current, package, structure and driving mode. Among these many types, the most common ones are active buzzers and passive buzzers. Active piezo buzzer is a type of piezo buzzer, which is parallel with passive piezo buzzer.


How can we maintain active piezo buzzers?

How can we measure the sensitivity of the active piezo buzzers?

How can we buy an active piezo buzzer correctly?

How to maintain active piezo buzzers?

At first, when installing the active piezo buzzer, the installation tools that need to be prepared include: an active piezo buzzer, a multimeter and dry batteries. Then connect the battery to the active piezo buzzer in series, and pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery. The above-mentioned tools we require are mainly because the multimeter can test the impedance of the active piezo buzzer, so as to know more about the parameters of this product.

Then how should we handle the abnormality of the active piezo buzzers? When dealing with abnormalities, we must first find out the common causes of abnormal operation of the active piezo buzzers, which are BUZ1, power supply circuit and CPU abnormalities. For these abnormalities, we can eliminate them one by one. For example, if there are normal drive signals at both ends of BUZ1, it means that BUZ1 is abnormal. Otherwise, check R5 and CPU. If you suspect that the BUZ1 is abnormal, you can also place the digital multimeter in the "diode" block, click on its two terminals with the test pen, if it can make a "click" sound, it means it is normal, otherwise it means it is damaged.

It is important that how to distinguish abnormalities based on active buzzers’ sounds and deal with them. Check the shell of the active piezo buzzer. Check whether the package is damaged, whether the surface is deformed, whether the pins are different in length, and whether they are bent.

Use an electroacoustic instrument to test. Check whether the active piezo buzzer is consistent according to the resonant frequency, and the tolerance is ±0.5kHz.

Of course, the abnormal sound of the active piezo buzzer must be checked. You must also know what the driving frequency of the active piezo buzzer you are using. Only the frequency that meets its requirements and the strong oscillation wave can sound. In addition, the active piezo buzzer must be equipped with a resonance cavity, otherwise the sound of the active buzzer is very weak.

How can we measure the sensitivity of the active piezo buzzers?

The sensitivity of an active buzzer is a very important quality standard. A piezo buzzer is an instrument that converts electrical signals into a sound signal amplitude. If the sensitivity of the piezo buzzer can be increased, it will greatly improve the efficiency of the buzzer. The sensitivity test of the active buzzer is very important, which is directly related to whether the active buzzer can work efficiently. Therefore, before each piezo buzzer leaves the factory, an enterprise special sampling inspection must be carried out to detect the sensitivity of piezo buzzers. The sensitivity is based on the output sound pressure generated by the input voltage. The measurement conditions are controlled by the reference sound pressure level, buzzer drive voltage and distance measurement. The sensitivity of the piezo buzzer is an important factor in the quality of the entire buzzer, which also represents whether a product is reliable.

How can we buy an active piezo buzzer correctly?

When comparing between various manufacturers to buy an active buzzer, it is necessary to ensure the above measurement conditions have been standardized.  Firstly, choose an active piezo buzzer through manufacturers. In the process of selecting the buzzer, we must choose a reliable manufacturer, so that the overall advantage of the product will be great. In addition, we should also understand the production technology and application range.

Secondly, choose an active piezo buzzer by quality. When choosing an active buzzer, quality is undoubtedly the most critical. It not only affects the use efficiency of the product, but also determines its service life. Therefore, for consumers, they must choose from the quality of the product.

Learning something about active piezo buzzer can help understanding how to maintain the active piezo buzzers and how to buy a good-quality active buzzer. If you want to buy high-quality active buzzers with reasonable price, Kailitech Company can provide you with the best technical service and products. You are mostly welcommed to send us e-mails to market@kailitech.com for further enquiries.

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