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Piezo Ceramic Ring with Silver electrodes on both sides, main application is for Ultrasonic welding.
The piezoelectric ceramic sensor is used for ultrasonic beauty film with a diameter of 16mm, a resonance frequency of Fs 5±7%MHz, and a material of 0.41mm thickness. PZT4 has two electrodes on one side.

Self Drive Piezo Buzzer

Self-drive piezo buzzer has three terminals, for which the piezo effect works both ways: if you apply a voltage the piezo element stretches, and if it stretches it creates a voltage. This principle is used to create a feedback signal which drives the oscillator.

The advantage of the self-drive piezo buzzer is that the piezoelectric diaphragm inside has a feedback electrode, it will auto-magically work at its resonance frequency, where it produces the loudest sound. Self-drive piezo buzzers are mostly utilized in various alarms such as smoke alarms and access control, etc.

Self-drive piezo buzzer

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