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What are the types of piezo transducers?

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There are different methods to classify the transducers that comprise but not restricted toward the function of the transducer, structure otherwise the occurrence of their working. Piezoelectric transducers are a type of electroacoustic transducer that convert the electrical charges produced by some forms of solid materials into energy, which is much common in our daily life. The word "piezoelectric" literally means electricity caused by pressure. So how many types are there about transducers and piezo transducers?

1.What are types of transducers?

2.What are the types of piezo transducers?

3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of piezo transducers?

What are types of transducers?

There are a variety of transducer types like pressure transducer, piezoelectric transducer, ultrasonic transducer, temperature transducer, and so on. Some transducer types like active transducer and passive transducers are based on whether a power source is required or not.

1.Ultrasonic transducer: The main function of the ultrasound transducer is to convert electrical signals to ultrasound waves. This transducer can be used to measure the distance of the sound based on reflection.

2.Temperature transducer: A temperature transducer is an electrical device that is used to convert the temperature of a device into another quantity like electrical energy or pressure or mechanical energy, then the quantity will be sent to the control device for controlling the temperature of the device.

3.Piezoelectric transducer: A piezoelectric transducer is a special kind of sensor, and the main function of this piezo transducer is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. In the same way, electrical energy can be transformed into mechanical energy.

4.Pressure transducer: A pressure transducer is a special kind of sensor that alters the pressure forced into electrical signals.

What are the types of piezo transducers?

1.Piezoelectric force sensor: Piezoelectric element itself is a force-sensitive element. The key to using piezoelectric element to make force-electricity conversion. The deformation method of the piezoelectric element is the most convenient to use. The thickness deformation of the longitudinal piezoelectric effect, and the choice of the piezoelectric material depends on the range of the measured force, the accuracy of measurement and working environment conditions.

2.Piezoelectric pressure sensor: Most piezoelectric pressure sensors are made by using the positive piezoelectric effect. The positive piezoelectric effect refers to when the crystal is subjected to an external force in a certain direction, electric polarization occurs inside the crystal, and charges with opposite signs are generated on two surfaces at the same time; when the external force is removed, the crystal returns to an uncharged state. When the direction of the external force changes, the polarity of the charge also changes; the amount of charge generated by the crystal is directly proportional to the magnitude of the external force.

3.Piezoelectric acceleration sensor: a piezo transducer that uses the inertial force of the mass to measure the acceleration of the movement of an object. In order to obtain higher sensitivity, the inertial force shown by the measuring mass when accelerating with the measured object is usually used to determine its acceleration. In the case of constant mass, the acceleration value can be obtained by measuring the inertial force. The piezoelectric transducer is composed of a shell, a mass, a force-sensitive element, which is piezoelectric element, and a spring that limits the relative movement between the mass and the shell.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of piezo transducers?


1.These are active piezo transducer and no need for an external force. For example, they don’t require external power for working and are therefore self-generating.

2.The high-frequency response of these piezo transducers makes a good choice for various applications. It means the parameters change very rapidly.

3.Piezo transducers are easy to handle and use as it has small dimensions.


Temperature and environmental conditions can affect the behavior of the piezo transducer.

1.Piezo transducers can only measure changing pressure hence they are useless while measuring static parameters.

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