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Guangzhou Kailitech Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called “Kailitech”), with location at Huangpu, Guangzhou, China, has been a high-tech enterprise since 2016 and has been specialized in manufacturing piezoelectric transducer, sounder & buzzer, acoustic components and sensors since 1989.

Invention Patent

Kailitech has been certified to comply with the Intellectual Property Management System.

Quality Assurance

Kailitech carries out international ISO9001 full quality control system since 2004.

Wide Application

Kailitech products have been widely utilized in various fields including home & industrial security, fire safety, healthcare equipment.

Factory Scale

Kailitech has an independent factory area of 8,000 square meters, with about 200 well-trained employees.
kailitech company
kailitech company
kailitech company
Industry experience
Independent plant
Trained staff
Monthly production capacity


Kailitech products have been widely utilized in various fields including home & industrial security, fire safety, healthcare equipment, medical devices, home appliances, automotive audio, video games, pressure sensing and humidity sensing. 



Professional in the piezo ceramic component manufacturing for 30 years, Kailitech consistently aims “To Be the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Piezo Ceramic Industry”.

20 March 2023
Exhibition News of Kailitech

From May 30th to Jun. 1st, 2023, Kailitech will take part in the CTIS Consumer Technology & Innovation Show with Booth No. 2F08 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

piezo transducer2.png
19 July 2022
How to use a piezo transducer?

We face various situations where we have to measure physical quantities like mechanical stress applied on metal and temperature levels in our daily life. For all these applications we need a device which could measure these unknown quantities in units and calibrations familiar to us.

piezo transducer1.png
12 July 2022
What are the types of piezo transducers?

There are different methods to classify the transducers that comprise but not restricted toward the function of the transducer, structure otherwise the occurrence of their working.

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