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Manufacturing Workshops

With 30 years experience, Kailitech has been developed to be the key manufacturer of piezo sound component and has the professional capability to provide a variety of material formulas, designs according to customer requirements.

Kailitech has an independent factory with a construction area of 8,000 square meters, more than 200 well-trained employees, and a monthly production capacity of 20 million units, with ceramic manufacturing , forming, sintering, electrode, gluing and automatic assembly and testing workshops, as well as in-house laboratory and a complete production line with independent intellectual property rights.


4. R & D Centre & In-house Laboratory

5. Kailitech Product Features

Features of Kailitech piezoelectric sounders and buzzers:

  Featured products include taping, SMD, ultra-low frequency, high  SPL, high temperature and high pressure resistance and waterproof type; 
  Dimension includes diameter or length and width: 9.0 ~ 100mm, height: 1.8 ~65mm;   
  Housing material can be ABS, PBT, PPO, LCP, etc.; 
   With resonant frequency range at 200Hz~15kHz and SPL range from 65dB~120dB; 
   And with electrode output includes leadwire type, terminal type, Pin type and SMD type.
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