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Public Relationship

Kailitech has been actively cooperating with government departments, regulatory agencies and I Industry Associations. Kailitech co-operate with China well-known universities such as by the establishment of independent R & D centre integrating production, education and research.

Recognized as the Teaching Experiment Base of South China University of Technologies since 2018

Recognized as the Teaching Experiment Base of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute since 2019

Kailitech act as one of the key drafting unit of Industry Standard T/CECA 26-2019 (Reliability Testing Methods for Piezoelectric Ceramic Electro-Acoustic Components), which is issued by China Electronic Components Association.


Social Welfare

Kailitech actively participates in social welfare undertakings by supporting the educational working of local schools and participating in social donation activities.

Kailitech donates educational care funds and teaching supplies to Yonggang Primary School.

Kailitech Donates to Elder People’s Activity Centre in Yonggang Community .

Care for Employees

Kailitech regularly organizes team activities for employees, such as annual employee travelling, weekly badminton activities, etc.

Kailitech regularly distributes seasonal fruits and holiday gifts to all company employees.

Every Year, Kailitech organizes CNY Party inviting employees and those retired to participate, with activities including the company's annual summary, commendation of outstanding employees, employee interaction, etc.

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