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A buzzer or beeper is an audio signaling device, which may be mechanical, electromechanical, or piezoelectric. Piezoelectric buzzers, or piezo buzzers, are devided into 3 main types: passvie piezo buzzers, active piezo buzzers and self drive piezo buzzers.

Passive piezo buzzers, also known as piezo transducers, consist of a casing, a piezo element and a terminal, and you need external driving signal to operate the buzzer, therefore, with greater range of flexibility of frequencies when designing PCB circuit.

Model:KDSMD-1109A-4.1 Brand:KD Dimension:11mm*9mm*1.7mm SPL:68dB min. at 4.1kHz

Model:KDSMD-1212A-4.0 Brand:KD Dimension:12mm*12mm*3mm SPL:75dB min. at 4.0kHz

Model:KDSMD-1616A-4.0 Brand:KD Dimension:16mm*16mm*3mm SPL:75dB min. at 4.0kHz

Model:KDSMD-14A-4.0 Brand:KD Dimension:14.2mm*6.0mm SPL:82dB min. at 4.0kHz

Kailitech Surface Mount piezoelectric transducer suites thin, high-density design of electronic equipment. With tiny size and LCP housing, it adapts to multiple PCB space design for electronic devices with fine properties of heat resistance and acid-alkali resistance, applicable for Consumer electronics, home appliances, medical devices, smart and portable electronic devices.

Model:KDS-12P-4.0A Dimension:12mm*5.5mm SPL:85dB min. at 4.0kHz

Model:KDS-13P-4.0B Dimension:12.4mm*6.0mm SPL:80dB min. at 4.0kHz

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