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Surface Mount Device 12V Passive Piezo Buzzer

Kailitech Surface Mount piezoelectric transducer suites thin, high-density design of electronic equipment. With tiny size and LCP housing, it adapts to multiple PCB space design for electronic devices with fine properties of heat resistance and acid-alkali resistance, applicable for Consumer electronics, home appliances, medical devices, smart and portable electronic devices.


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Product Details

■ Data Sheet


No. Model No. KDSMD-17A-2.0
1 Sound Output Level 85 dB Min at 2.0kHz Square Wave/10cm
2 Rated Voltage  12 Vp-p
3 Input Voltage  25 Vp-p Max
4 Resonance Frequency  2.0±0.5 kHz
5 Static Capacitance  250±30% at 120Hz (nF)
6 Operating Temperature -40℃~+105
7 Storage Temperature -40℃~+105
8 Rated Current  12 mA
9 Weight  0.8 g
10 Housing Material LCP

■ Frequency Response

■Dimension Drawing